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Mar 14, 2018

It's all hands on deck in Colorado. Sally Grissom's been kidnapped. An ocean away, she matches wits with somebody new.

Created by Daniel Manning & Mischa Stanton. Written by Julian Mundy (with Daniel Manning, Mischa Stanton, Eli Barraza, Danielle Shemaiah, & Tau Zaman). Directed & produced by Mischa Stanton.

Featuring Kristen DiMercurio as Sally Grissom, Katie Speed as Esther Roberts, Lia Peros as Petra, L. Jeffrey Moore as Lou Gaines, Preston Allen as Bridget Chambers, and Tina Huang as Tonya LeMartine, as well as Ego Mikitias as Adler, Richard Malmos as Ray Vico, Erin Bark as Archie, Zach Libresco as 77 Agent Gordon, Danielle Shemaiah as 77 Agent Alec, and Daniel Manning as Andy Thurston, with special thanks to Isabel Atkinson. Original music by Mischa Stanton and Eno Freedman-Brodmann. Additional music courtesy of the Free Music Archive.

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