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Sep 1, 2016

Sally starts gardening and digs up something from her past. Esther falls back on old habits. Chet realizes he’s not here to make friends.

Created by Daniel Manning & Mischa Stanton. Written by Danielle Shemaiah. Directed & Produced by Mischa Stanton.

Kristen DiMercurio as Sally Grissom,
Reyn Beeler as Chet Whickman,
Katie Speed as Esther Roberts,
and Richard Penner as Dr. Fitzgerald,
as well as Fionna Thraille, Heather Auden, Thea Rodgers, Austin Beach, and Jean DiMercurio as Sally's mom,
with special thanks to Isabel Atkinson.

Original music by Mischa Stanton and Eno Freedman-Brodmann.