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Dec 1, 2016

Lou Gaines is on a mission to find his friend David Marian, and in the course of his search ropes in others who have fallen beside ODAR's wake.

Created by Daniel Manning & Mischa Stanton. Written by Julian Mundy. Directed & Produced by Mischa Stanton.

L. Jeffrey Moore as Lou Gaines,
Hannah Trobaugh as June Barlowe,
Preston Max Allen as Bridget Chambers,
Lauren Shippen as Maggie Elbourne,
Lia Peros as Petra,
and Kristen DiMercurio as Sally Grissom,
as well as James Oliva, Brock Bivens, and Erin Bark,
with special thanks to Isabel Atkinson. 

Original music by Mischa Stanton and by Eno Freedman-Brodmann. This episode also featured music by Jazz Street Trio.